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Cognito introduces new legal workflow solution at the Alabama State Bar annual meeting & legal expo

Fairhope, Ala. (July 17, 2021) — Saasman Solutions, Inc., today introduced Cognito Legal Software to the attendees at the 144th Annual Meeting of the Alabama State Bar and Legal Expo hosted at the Grand Hotel in Pointe Clear, Alabama. Over 350 attorneys, paralegals and affiliated professionals were able to see the new Alabama based Cognito legal workflow software in action. Cognito is a revolutionary new concept in organizational and collaborative software technologies.

Cognito integrates attorney’s daily workflow capturing and presenting all information, related to individual tasks, in a consolidated view. This streamlines independent and collaborative research, document collection, task management, case management, organization and collaboration in one simple digital workflow solution.

Cognito enables document upload review and key information extraction, organization of points, notes summaries and quotes and document creation and drafting within an in-app, feature-rich environment. Information is contextually saved and accessed by collaborative teams for current use and future application.

“Cognito eliminates the barriers that we as attorneys run up against very day,” said Clay Rankin, Fairhope attorney and inventor of Cognito. “Before Cognito, researching and gathering information was accomplished ad hoc in a myriad of ways, involving some combination of search, emails, paper notes, document and digital resource collection and review and document drafting. Many times multiple lawyers and support personnel utilize different repositories for information, different document and document versions. Miscommunication predictably ensues. With Cognito, whether you are working independently or in collaboration, everyone is literally on the same page, in real time. The time savings and gained productivity make the practice of law more manageable and frankly more enjoyable.”

Saasman Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2019 as new “software as a service” (“SaaS”) provider with the mission of simplifying workflow and effectively capturing, creating, collaborating and preserving knowledge across a wide spectrum of businesses and professions. Cognito Legal Workflow Software is its cornerstone release. For more information, please visit:

CONTACT INFO: Nell Diaz-Plaja Rankin Chief Marketing Officer US: +1 (334) 414-8481

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