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Saasman Solutions, Inc. releases Cognito legal workflow software

Creating a Workflow Solution to Serve Lawyers

Fairhope, Ala. (March 9, 2021) — SaaSman Solutions, Inc., today released Cognito Legal Workflow Software, a digital workflow solution to facilitate lawyers and paralegals in their practice. Cognito, a ground-breaking development in professional workflow technology, effectively streamlines legal professionals’ workflow by eliminating the need for constant searching and switching among multiple applications, and by providing seamless collaboration among legal colleagues and support staff in real time. Cognito’s integrated, task-centric process enables legal professionals to gather all data needed to perform a specific task in one place.

“The COVID crisis has greatly increased lawyers’ needs for remote work and collaboration, and this trend will continue through 2021 and thereafter. Lawyers need an end-to-end system that gets them out of the brick-and-mortar world into the digital world and enables them to effectively manage and share practice-related information with physically dispersed work teams and clients,” said Clay Rankin, Fairhope attorney and inventor of Cognito. “Knowledge management and work processes are now the keys to productivity and to sustaining a balance in work and life for lawyers in the years ahead,” he continued.

Cognito captures all text-based information from documents, drafts, websites, call notes, emails, and other sources, and organizes all that information in a single, seamless workspace that provides a complete view of each task and all its associated details in a format that is structured, accessible, and searchable. Cognito’s outline and document drafting features facilitate focused document creation within the app. All task details are preserved for future reference and continuity of legal expertise.

SaaSman Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2019 as new “software as a service” (“SaaS”) provider with the mission of simplifying workflow and effectively capturing, creating, collaborating and preserving knowledge across professional sectors. Cognito Legal Workflow Software is its cornerstone release.


Nell Diaz-Plaja Rankin

Chief Marketing Officer

US: +1 (334) 414-8481

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