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I'm a litigator.

Cognito is designed for you.

I'm not a template. I don't fit into a box. I want software that fits the way I actually work.

My area of interest is:

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Built to work the way you work—to win!

  • Trial Preparation

  • Litigation Management

  • Document Management

  • Document Assembly

  • Exhibit Management

  • Brief Drafting & Analysis

  • Legal Research

  • Knowledge Management

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Data Repository

  • Document Editing Tools

  • Subject Outlines

  • Search & Filter

  • Database Structure


Cognito brings litigation management, case management, drafting documents, document assembly, and task management together—in one platform.

Every case is made up of a number of storylines, each with its own facts and points of evidence.

  • Cognito empowers you to tell the chronological story.  Prove your point and present from one integrated and comprehensive resource.

  • Task collections contain all information about a particular subject and automatically save it in its entirety in one location.

  • Tasks preserve previous work,  data collections, outlines and document assembly.

  • Easily access completed tasks and projects for similar work.

  • ​Task details preserve audit trails.

Our task-centered architecture
connects the dots.

Cognito allows you to systematically build your case. Our software organizes daily legal work and activity into individually contained units of related knowledge, organizing all of your associated details, documents, work product, and history.

Watch how Cognito’s integrated platform works in this example of filing a motion for summary judgment.

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How can Cognito help your firm?

  • Cognito's collaborative technology allows trial prep teams to review, share and preserve all associated knowledge and documentation on one platform. 
  • The platform is designed to capture and preserve information  (documents, files, quotes and more) in a holistically connected way.
  • Cognito's architecture streamlines research, simplifies document review, tracks user collaboration and efficiently manages projects.

Cognito strengthens your core practice.

  • Cognito bridges the divide between database technology and the litigator’s core workflow.

  • Cognito provides the simplest way to do as much of your work as possible in one place.

  • Cognito saves time by serving as a single collaborative hub for individuals,  practice groups and clients. 

  • Cognito adapts to your business processes and complements many existing technologies.

  • Cognito preserves your case history and work product, in detail as a unified, reusable whole.

Cognito is ideal for general litigation and specialty practices such as construction, class action and product liability.

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Cognito enables construction attorneys to access and work on each claim within a single integrated view, in context, with all associated documents.

Class Action

Cognito offers the one solution that effectively allows you to prove and present arguments from an integrated and comprehensive collection.

Product Liability

Product liability cases often substantially rely on the same liability facts and complicated scientific knowledge as previous cases involving the same product. 

Law Students

Keep up with your coursework, review and brief your cases, and make exam prep easier.

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