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Class action attorneys

Cognito is designed for you.

Our centralized workspace is designed to eliminate the barriers inherent in constantly searching for previous work and documents, app switching, and the need to research and repeat tasks associated with existing work to perform similar work.


Why Cognito for class action lawsuits?

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To optimally prepare and present class certification arguments, litigators must gather and manage enormous sets of evidence to satisfy or defeat efforts to certify a class.

Cognito Legal Software offers the one solution that effectively allows litigators to prove and present these arguments from an integrated and comprehensive collection.

  • Upload hundreds of specific documents

  • Attach relevant quotations and present them in collections of evidence to support whether or not the claims present common factual evidence and legal questions whether or not the named plaintiff’s evidence is typical.

  • Meet your burden of proof and outline your argument with Cognito’s issue-outlining tools.

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Our task-centered architecture
connects the dots.

Cognito allows you to systematically build your case. Our software organizes daily legal work and activity into individually contained units of related knowledge, organizing all of your associated details, documents, work product, and history.

Watch how Cognito’s integrated platform works in this example of filing a motion for summary judgment.

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