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Cognito is designed for you.

Our integrated platform allows you to do much of your daily work in one workspace. Eliminate constant app switching and the need to research and recreate work to perform similar tasks. Access what you need when you need it. Cognito organizes all related information at your fingertips so you can focus on what you do best.

Why Cognito for paralegals?

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As a paralegal, organized knowledge is your superpower. 

Paralegals that use Cognito get task case management, collaboration tools, and knowledge management—together—all in one platform.

  • Keep tasks organized by matter—all on one list. 

  • Streamline fact-gathering, case planning, and legal research—all in one app.

  • Cloud-based, share and communicate details with attorneys and staff from anywhere—always on the same page.

  • Organize and present for team and attorney meetings using in-app outlines. 

  • Maintain and manage deadline dates and reminder dates on a planner linked to case history. 

  • Organize trial materials, witness files, and exhibits.  

  • Draft documents using drag and drop. 

  • Manage special assignments preserving all information and progress in related tasks. 

  •  Create libraries for easy access to specific court rules, contacts, and standing orders.  

  • Interrupted? Get back to where you left off without a search or recreating work. 

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Our task-centered architecture
connects the dots.

Cognito allows you to systematically build your case. Our software organizes daily legal work and activity into individually contained units of related knowledge, organizing all of your associated details, documents, work product, and history.

Watch how Cognito’s integrated platform works in this example of filing a motion for summary judgment.

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Contact us to schedule a live demo to learn more about how Cognito can simplify and support your product liability practice.

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