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Software Updates: Import Outlines & Points, Upload Spreadsheets

Our team here at Cognito values your feedback! To prove it, we've added two new exciting features based on your suggestions.


You can now import outlines & points to other tasks

Cognito’s Points feature makes organizing your Task Details a breeze. You've always been able to duplicate a Task, and now with our new release, you can also import any Outline or Points quickly and simply.

Here's an example of how easily it's done:

Whether you’re struggling with organization, want a head-start with similar Tasks, or want to draft your arguments, briefs, or research papers efficiently, our Outline import feature can help you do all of the above.

Your previously built Outlines and linked Details are all at your fingertips, giving you a head start on completing any new work. Work that was organized earlier is retained, so it’s easy to make the most of the time that you've already invested.


Upload and create spreadsheets in Cognito

You can now create or upload spreadsheets such as ones created in Microsoft Excel. And of course, you’ll have all the basic functionality you’ve grown used to!


Stay in the know with Cognito.

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