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Upload Word docs with ease!

To get the most out of Cognito, you can now upload Microsoft Word documents. Check back often as our team continues to add new features like this one, based on your feedback!

Easily upload to following file types:

  • .doc and .docx (Microsoft Word)

  • .rtf (Rich Text Format)

  • .pdf (Portable Document Format)

And as always, you can use our drag and drop features to bulk upload up to 100 documents at once.

Did you know?

We’ve also improved our popular feature, Points. You can now build outlines faster than ever – dragging multiple details to a Point all in one go. Let us know if you have any questions!

Oh, and one more thing!

Cognito now includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that recognizes specific words in your documents. This feature allows you to quickly search and edit PDF documents, dramatically improving your productivity!

Stay in the know with Cognito.

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