Why You'll Work Better with Cognito.

Feel more focused with these 7 features


A better way to work together from anywhere.

With Cognito, you can easily upload files that will be shared with your entire team. All edits are synced live in real-time, so everyone is on the same page at the same time. Stay organized, stay connected and get stuff done more efficiently than ever before.



Bulk Document Upload: Keep relevant files in one place.

In a world of endless paper, Cognito makes it easy to stay organized online. Share documents with your team, add reference materials to your shared tasks, and get notified when new documents arrive. With our bulk document upload tool, you can import files faster than ever before. Drag, drop, and you're done.


Cognito is one of the leading providers of software for extracting references, sources, citations, and bibliographic information from legal and academic documents. Our unique quote extraction tool can create full quotations from documents in seconds. Your source information is then automatically included for you to accurately cite.

Extracting Quotes: Referencing sources has never been easier.



Drag-and-Drop Outlines: A brand new way to write persuasively.

It's easy to create a argument, document or proposal with Cognito! You can organize your ideas using a simple drag-and-drop interface that looks like a structured outline. Add points to your outline, and supporting details you've collected will automatically be filled in for you. You can then save your work and come back to it whenever you want. Additionally, if you want to share your outlines with others, they can edit them and even add their own ideas.



Document Creation: Export perfectly formatted documents

Cognito is the document creation tool you've been waiting for. You can create professional-quality documents in minutes, not hours. It's perfect for everyone, from lawyers to journalists to academics to business people. Cognito makes it easy to assemble and format content from multiple sources into one document, so it's perfect for writers who need to cite sources quickly in their work or create documents that incorporate text from across the web.


Security & Reliability: You can trust our cloud-based system.

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Having your data securely stored in one place was once an expense reserved for big businesses, but not anymore. Cognito uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our cloud-based security.  Its reliability provides a convenient way to protect your data from natural disasters or malicious attacks, while giving you access to your work from anywhere.

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Filter & Search: A simple interface with a powerful search engine.

Filter and search your files in a flash. Don’t waste time digging through all that paper when you could be doing something productive - use Cognito to find what you need, fast.

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