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Make Technology Your Ally: 5 Benefits of Implementing Technology Beyond Saving Time and Energy

As a lawyer, you’ve heard countless times that technology can save you time and energy. By automating common repeated workflows like client intake, case management, and document drafting, you can save the time involved with reinventing the wheel each time. Technology also streamlines tasks like legal research by making case precedents searchable. No more digging through the stacks of legal reporters or shepardizing cases to decide what you can cite; online databases deliver relevant cases in a fraction of the time with far less energy invested.

But adopting technology isn’t just about saving time and energy. Here are five other benefits that you’ll realize when you upgrade the tools and processes you’re using.

1. Eliminate the frustration of fruitless searching.

There isn’t much that’s more aggravating than searching for something you know you have, or that you know you’ve seen, and not being able to find it. Modern legal tools can make all of the knowledge and information that your practice has gathered—including every detail about your clients and their cases—searchable. That lets you quickly find everything you need to know without having to rifle through physical or digital file drawers.

2. Deliver better client service.

When you have immediate, fingertip access to the details of your clients’ businesses, lives, interests, and previous matters, you don’t have to rely on your memory to provide them with top-of-the-line service that takes all of their concerns into account. Better client service leads to more satisfied clients—which boosts your referrals and your bottom line.

3. Reduce distraction and better control your time.

Effective case-management technology doesn’t only save time by helping attorneys finish basic tasks faster; it can also save time by reducing distractions. These tools extract useful case details from all of your text, store them in an organized, searchable database, and then provide just-in-time delivery of relevant information exactly when and where you need it. That helps you stay on target instead of constantly getting pulled off course, which means you can tick through your task list faster.

4. Focus on the work that matters.

Your clients pay you to know the law and the system, not to search for information or track down an argument you made before in a similar case. When your technology automatically feeds you relevant authorities and citations, you can maintain your focus on making the right arguments and thinking strategically about potential ramifications—not on finding the argument in the first place.

5. Enjoy your work more!

When you’re no longer frantically searching for information, your clients are happier with your work, you’re able to reduce distractions, and you can spend more of your time thinking like a lawyer and less time juggling administrative details, you’re naturally going to enjoy your job more. That’s great for you personally, of course, but if you have other attorneys in your practice, it also helps avoid costly associate turnover.

Cognito’s task-management software automatically collects and organizes every important detail as you gather or create them in your daily work. It centralizes your email content, documents, notes, matter intake forms, contact lists, and any other text-based information you accumulate to identify useful facts. It then securely preserves that information in a structured, searchable format that makes it easy to find and reuse later and delivers details and arguments exactly when and where you need them. Contact us to learn more or to set up a demonstration.

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