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Manage your course load in law school.

No one ever said law school was easy, so let Cognito help you out. Our software was created by an attorney and is a great place to build the effective work, research, and study habits that you need, today.


Not only does it keep up with your coursework, and make case briefs and exam prep easier, but it also sharpens you the skills you'll need for working in future legal practice.

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Yes, it’s true! This is a totally free trial with no credit card number needed. A week after your trial starts, we’ll send you an email to see how things are going and remind you of the free support resources available to you. Seven days before your trial expires you’ll get a reminder to set up payment so that you don’t lose all of your amazing work.

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Your classwork just got easier.

Seven simple reasons to do your assignments in Cognito.

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Get on Top of Your Schedule

There are so many deadlines for class prep, key events, and assignments! We know law school can be overwhelming. Cognito has the ability to assign a due date and a work date for each task on your schedule. You can also organize your days with the Daily Planner, so nothing will fall through the cracks!


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Manage Your Classes & Life

New messages, notifications, and your phone are constantly distracting you when you need to study. Cognito displays all of your coursework and personal tasks on a single page. This allows you to focus your attention on what's important. Fewer interruptions mean deeper focus for better grades, and improved school/life balance.


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Review & Brief Your Cases

Make the grade by preparing for class. Cognito lets you extract and save the facts, issues, holdings, rationale, and key passages for each assigned case with ease. You can organize all of your notes in one place.


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Drag & Drop Outlines

Outline your case briefs in Cognito, plus write-ups and case notes. Add a course-wide subject matter outline and annotate your outline in preparation for exams, all with drag and drop ease.


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Quickly Create Case Briefs

Create your case briefs. They are easy to draft in Cognito's text editor. With your outline visible and drag-and-drop functionality, you'll be ready for class with time to spare.


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It's Perfect for Study Groups

Stay on top of deadlines with a Cognito study group! Members will be able to share documents and progress can be seen in real-time. You don't have to worry about being the only one to stay on task. Everybody will have access to all of the details in preparation for exams.


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Reuse & Repurpose Your Work

You’ve just spent hours briefing cases, but it's only one of many. Your Cognito repository will save all of your class work on previous assignments, storing it securely. You'll build your reservoir of legal knowledge while saving time and effort in the future!


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