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Cognito allows you to focus on your actual job by spending less time dealing with miscommunication, hunting for documents, and sorting through files.

You’ll be more organized and able to collaborate online with colleagues, with real-time document drafting and review. Cognito also helps you eliminate repetitive tasks and to feel like you’ve accomplished something at the end of each day!

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Yes, it’s true! This is a totally free trial with no credit card number needed. A week after your trial starts, we’ll send you an email to see how things are going and remind you of the free support resources available to you. Seven days before your trial expires you’ll get a reminder to set up payment so that you don’t lose all of your amazing work.

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Working in Cognito follows seven simple steps, all in one platform!

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Check Your Daily Planner

Your to-do list is so overwhelming, you can barely think straight. We get it. With a click of a button, filter your pending tasks to reflect your real priorities and create a plan of attack. It's that easy.


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Your Tasks are Prioritized for You

New messages and other tasks are constantly distracting you when you have to search through old emails for information. Cognito deletes all of these distractions by storing your information in one seamless platform. Fewer interruptions means deeper focus and faster results.


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Research & Collect Information

With Cognito, all of your documents are in one place. Whether it's a draft, note, document, contact, email, website, or anything else, Cognito allows you to store it—in full—in our platform. Better yet, it captures those essential snippets of information along with their sources.


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Create a Drag & Drop Outline

Cognito helps you create a thorough and well-organized outline. You just collect all the necessary information and link it to the appropriate subject. Then you move them around according to their content. It’s so easy!


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Quickly Produce New Documents

With Cognito, you can quickly create an entire document without ever leaving the platform. Components are drag-and-drop easy, and collaborators can see your work in real time to confirm progress and share feedback.


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Everything is Securely Stored

Cognito effortlessly captures every detail of your work in one centralized location. It's perfect for those who want to keep their information safe and easily accessible. It gives you a single, searchable place to store your work-related documents, details, and citations, making them easy to reuse again and again


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Reuse & Repurpose Your Work

You’ve just spent hours working on a project, but it's only one of many. Your Cognito repository can help you search for details about old jobs, not to mention store them securely. You'll build your reservoir of business knowledge while saving time and effort on future projects!


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