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What is Cognito?

Cognito is the one app built to streamline and integrate the core tasks that litigators and business lawyers do every day. 

Invented by a practicing Alabama attorney, Cognito Legal Software is legal tech that seamlessly captures, organizes, and stores all activity related to each task: research, documents, web links, notes, quotes, summaries, and more and saves it all — in full context for instant retrieval and use. 

Our transformative database architecture systematically builds your case, organizing all your daily legal work and activity into fully-integrated units of knowledge containing all related details, documents, work product and history. 

  • Upload and review documents in-app

  • Extract essential documents and website content 

  • Organize and present using powerful subject outlines 

  • Collaborate with teams on the same page

  • Create new documents and work product 

  • All with drag and drop ease and securely backed up on the cloud!

How does Cognito fit into your legal tech system?

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Processes and software play a vital role in developing the right tech stack for your firm, such as:

  • Document Repository/DMS

  • Case Management

  • Collaboration

  • Knowledge Management

  • Research

  • Issue Analysis

  • Subject Outlines

  • Document Drafting 

  • Contract Lifecycle

  • Pre-Trial & Trial Organization

  • Client Portal Management


As you can see above, today's options may include legal case management, CLM (claims and litigation management), discovery software, document repository, knowledge management, research, document drafting, collaboration, conflict checking, and document drafting tools, just to name a few.


Cognito is central to daily legal practice and processes.  


Ask us how Cognito Legal Software complements other legal tech and processes already in use within your firm.

Why Cognito?

Cognito pays you back in time-saving dividends every day.


  • Instantly read any task document with one click

  • Read a document one time and extract key quotes

  • Prepare and present the results of your work using Cognito’s subject outlines and document creation tools

  • Switch between tasks with confidence

  • Resume any task exactly where you left off 

  • Collaborate with associates, support staff, and clients,  in real-time in the same cloud workspace

  • Simultaneously track all contributions from different authors 

  • Import outline points, task details, and documents from earlier work when you encounter a new use for existing similar information

  • Preserve detailed  case history and audit trails

Cognito keeps all associated details, documents, work product, and history of each task linked to the task and links all tasks to the matter. 

Learn more about how Cognito fits into your current legal tech and business processes.

Virtual tour of Cognito.

Watch this quick 2-minute video demo of our cutting-edge software 

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*All new users received a 30-day free trial. Price shown is with a 20% discount applied. An annual subscription is regularly $468 or $39 per user, per month. Discounted rate is $374.40 per user, paid annually. 

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per user/per month

Your 20% Member Discount
*All new users receive a 30-day free trial. Price shown is with a 20% discount applied. Month-to-month subscription is regularly $49 per user, per month. Discounted rate is $39.20 per user, paid monthly.

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