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Spend more time researching and less time organizing.

Cognito allows you to focus on your research project by spending less time dealing with lost documents, sorting through files, and hunting down citations.

You’ll be more organized and able to collaborate online with others, with real-time document drafting and review. Cognito also helps you meet your milestones and deadlines efficiently!

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Your research project just got easier.

Working in Cognito follows seven simple steps, all in one platform!

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Check Your Planner

Your project to-do list is so overwhelming, you can barely think straight. We get it. With a click of a button, filter your pending tasks to reflect your course priorities and work plan. It's that easy.


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Prioritize Tasks & Time

New messages and other tasks are constantly distracting you when you have to concentrate and focus. Cognito protects you from all of these distractions by storing your tasks' relevant information in one seamless platform. Fewer interruptions result in higher quality academic work.


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Research & Collect Information

With Cognito, research is easy! Open your document, review and extract key passages with citations, all the information needed for your final paper. Your documents, web sources, and research are in one place. Add key notes, contacts, and thoughts. Cognito gives you the ability to start working right where you left off.


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Create a Drag & Drop Outline

Cognito helps you create a thorough and well-organized outline. You just collect all the necessary information and link it to the appropriate point in your paper. Then you move them around according to their content. It’s so easy!


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Quickly Produce Documents

With Cognito, you can quickly create an entire document from your outline with drag-and-drop speed and efficiency without ever leaving the platform. Our robust text editor allows you to create, format, and export documents as PDFs or Word docs. Collaborators can see your work in real time to confirm progress and share feedback.


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Everything is Easily Stored

Cognito effortlessly captures every granular detail of your work in one centralized location. It's perfect for books, articles, papers, and dissertations. We make your work accessible from anywhere. It gives you a single, searchable place to store your research and citations, making them easy to reuse again and again.


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Reuse & Repurpose Your Work

You’ve just spent hours working on a project, but it's only one of many. Your Cognito repository can help you search for details from previous research, not to mention store them securely. You'll build your reservoir of academic knowledge while saving time and effort on future research!


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