We developed Cognito for people working in "knowledge professions," such as lawyers, law students, academics, and business professionals. If you research, collect information, collaborate, write, and communicate primarily using text and words, Cognito was designed for you.

Our software maximizes focus and efficiency by allowing you to complete much of your work in one workspace, without jumping between screens, windows, and platforms. Unlike some of our competitors, Cognito is a real-time, collaborative environment with easy quote-capturing tools, drag-and-drop outlines, and document creation features. Cognito also preserves everything, in context, saving today's work for tomorrow's use.


It's a new way of thinking about work and knowledge management.

Cognito was conceived and created by Clay Rankin, a practicing attorney, and launched in 2021 at the American Bar Association Tech Show. You can read more about Clay and his reasons for inventing Cognito in this excerpt from Business Alabama Magazine. You can also read Clay’s latest blog post about the core tech challenge facing the legal industry.