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Kickstart your Workflow Revolution

Experience unique functionality that revolutionizes the way you manage projects, tasks, and information across any industry. Transform your team's productivity and collaboration with Cognito.

Looking for Cognito for Legal?

White office organization

Master Your Workflow

Optimize your projects and tasks with a user-friendly interface, crafted to ensure visibility and efficiency.


Harness Information

Gather and manage crucial data using advanced built-in tools like document editors, OCR, and outlines with drag and drop ease.

Shared Desk

Unite Your Team

Facilitate effortless collaboration, sharing documents, insights, and resources throughout your organization.

Bright Idea

Ignite Innovation

Explore Cognito's outlining and drafting capabilities to spark your team's creative genius and take your workflows to the next step.


Pro (Yearly)

Access to all of our premium features while saving over 20% with easy annual billing


for one month. Then,


per user/month (billed annually)

Pro (Monthly)

Access to Cognito's premium features with our flexible monthly billing plan

for one month. Then,


per user/month (billed montly)



Access to all of our premium features while you are enrolled in school


for one month. Then,


for every year you are in school,

then $49 a month

Contact our team today and experience the power of Cognito firsthand.

Maintain Visibility, Prioritize Effectively,
Strategize and Craft with Confidence.

Revolutionary Outlining and Drafting

Create a concise outline with main points and subpoints, incorporating details such as documents, quotes, websites, notes, and contacts for quick access.


Use quote and summary details to extract vital information from sources, improving your workflow and boosting productivity.

Holistic Organization

Coordinate projects, tasks, and details using a transparent, tiered layout, guaranteeing nothing goes unnoticed.

Centralized Information Sharing

Combine essential resources, such as agreements, transactions, and other crucial day-to-day information, all in one accessible location, making teamwork seamless.

Flexible Document Integration

Produce, modify, and arrange documents utilizing our native editor or import and OCR* external files for a smooth transition into Cognito.

*Optical Character Recognition is a technology that takes printed or handwritten text within scanned documents and turns it into machine-readable and editable digital text.*

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