Welcome to a new way of thinking about work.

With Cognito, you'll spend way more time focused and a lot less time distracted.

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Finally, everyone's on the same page!

Cognito is a real-time collaborative environment, with easy quote capturing tools, drag and drop outlines, and document creation features.

Daily Planner

Want your life back? You need a plan! With Cognito, you can manage your day and prioritize tasks using our Daily Planner. It displays your tasks and their deadlines. The planner allows you to block time to work on each activity. Using the Daily Planner will help you balance your workload and get more done.

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Lose the Distractions

Stop wasting time and get centered. Our platform eliminates confusion and places all your Tasks on one list. Never lose sight of what you need to do next.

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Streamline Your Research

Reviewing documents multiple times is so old school. With Cognito, all you have to do is click once to make notes, extract key quotes and paragraphs. Add notes, write-ups, and contact information. Using one platform saves you time and mental energy.

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Quickly Create Outlines

The Cognito outline is a beautiful thing. Clear your mind and organize your points, briefs, and documents, with drag and drop ease. With one simple click, you can create a professional outline. Now you're organized and ready to create that final document.

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Save it. Find it. Repurpose it!

Oh no! You've got a tight deadline and it’s due tomorrow. No worries, Cognito remembers every detail so that you can reuse your past work later on — or someone else can. Never waste time searching or duplicating work again. 

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What Our Users are Saying...

"I use Cognito every day, all day to manage my work load and get things done."

Tut Wynne

Wilkins, Bankester, Biles & Wynne, P.A

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How Does Cognito Make Your Life Easier?

Work in a Single Platform

Real-Time Collaboration

No Need to Remember Everything

Fewer Emails 

Using the Right Platform
Can Make a Huge Difference

  • With Cognito, everyone collaborates on the same page and the same version of the document.

  • It’s easy to make additions to tasks or give directions to team members.

  • Imagine a platform that allows you to review and touch a document, just once. 

  • Get the benefit of unparalleled productivity in one place built just for you and the way you actually work. That's Cognito!