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You're a litigator.

Cognito is designed for you.

Meet the software that's made for you.

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Legal Workflow >>> Knowledge Management
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Built to work the way you work—to win!

  • Trial Preparation

  • Litigation Management

  • Document Management

  • Document Assembly

  • Exhibit Management

  • Brief Drafting & Analysis

  • Legal Research

  • Knowledge Management

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Data Repository

  • Document Editing Tools

  • Subject Outlines

  • Search & Filter

  • Database Structure

Cognito brings litigation management, organization, document review, drafting and assembly, pretrial organization, and task management together—in one platform.

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Cognito bridges the gap between legal workflow and knowledge management.

  • Cognito’s intuitive work platform supports a litigator’s natural workflow, visually organizing daily work. 

  • Legal professionals capture, preserve, collaborate on, and transfer knowledge—as they work.

  • All expertise and related information is organized and linked in full context.

  • These collections of information build a detailed knowledge base for similar and future work.

Cognito connects all related information—in full context. 

Cognito allows you to systematically build your case. Our software  organizes daily legal work and activity into individually contained units of related knowledge, preserving an infinite number of associated details, documents, work product, and history—in full context

Watch how Cognito’s integrated platform works in this example of filing a motion for summary judgment.

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As a litigator, it pays to remember.

  • Cognito saves all information associated with a subject in task collections in its entirety—in one location.

  • Collaborate with associates, paralegals, and clients in real-time, ensuring information is saved in context.

  • Preserve all work, contacts, history,  data collections, outlines, and work products.

  • Prove your point and present it from one integrated, comprehensive resource.

  • Save time, access completed tasks and projects for similar work.

How can Cognito help your firm?

  • Cognito’s collaborative technology allows trial prep teams to review, share and preserve all associated knowledge and documentation on one platform. 

  • Cognito streamlines research, simplifies document review, tracks user collaboration, and efficiently manages projects.

  • Legal Professionals build the firm’s knowledge base —as they work.

  • This knowledge base enables information sharing and dissemination across practice groups and remote working environments.

  • Cognito complements other technologies and processes in use within the firm.


Cognito is ideal for general litigation and specialty practices such as construction, class action and product liability.

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Cognito enables construction attorneys to access and work on each claim within a single integrated view, in context, with all associated documents.

Class Action

Cognito offers the one solution that effectively allows you to prove and present arguments from an integrated and comprehensive collection.

Product Liability

Product liability cases often substantially rely on the same liability facts and complicated scientific knowledge as previous cases involving the same product. 

Law Students

Keep up with your coursework, review and brief your cases, and make exam prep easier.